Friday, May 1, 2009

You're so damn lucky, England

I have this friend. Let's call her "Jolivia".

Jolivia and I met in University. She was a good friend of my roommate - so she would come around to our apartment often. We instantly hit it off when we met - and before long, we were hanging out, even without my roommate around.

In between classes and studying, we had movie dates, long chats, lots of laughs and tons of inside jokes together. After Uni, we remained close friends, visiting one another whenever we could. (We live 5 hours away from each other).

And over the years since then, we've shared discussions about our future, a common interest in running, an amazing trip to Ireland together, my wedding (she was a bridesmaid) and countless girly weekends complete with lazy Sundays in our pjs, movie marathons, comparisons of our "Top 10 Male Celebs we would get with" lists, food, drinks and an incredible amount of laughs.

She's the type of friend who is awesome to be around. She listens to everything you have to say and is genuinely interested in your life. She has cool stories to share and is always, always fun to be around. She knows great places to dine at, go for drinks at, shop at, and great museums to visit. She's just all-around awesome.

And now... she's embarking on another cool aspect of her life. She's going back to school.

I just found out that she was accepted into a post-grad program in Sustainable Development. In England.

So, Jolivia is packing up her life in Canada and moving to London, England in September.

And yes - the program is only 10 months. But I have a feeling Jolivia might not be coming back. There's just too much in this amazing world to be seen by her.

I'm envious of her ability to get up and go and see where her life takes her. I'm also so incredibly happy for her (this was something Jolivia really, really wanted) and I know she's starting out an amazing path in her life.

At the same time - I'm not going to lie - I'm a teensy bit sad. Sad about the thought that I may see even less of Jolivia as we get older. Sad that we won't be able to travel back and forth between Canada and England as much as we travel to see each other now. Sad that the laughs will have to be over the phone, rather than in person. Sad that England gets her... and we have to lose her at home.

I know it's selfish - but I'll miss my girlfriend. As you get older and see less of your friends, it's the ones who you really care about, who really mean something, that you want to hold onto for dear life.

I'll be holding onto Jolivia as much as I can. And also wishing her the best experiences in the world in her new path. She deserves that from me.

But England, I'm warning you now... you better welcome her with open arms. Or you'll have a very protective friend to deal with.

Good luck, Liv.

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