Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Those eyes are following me

Last night I did nothing but lounge on our recliner and watch trashy television. I was rather enjoying myself, until my cat decided to perch herself on my lap and stare at me. She was curled into a ball and looked as if she might sleep. Instead, she decided to stare at me. As if she was disappointed in me for watching such crap all night.

I swear to you, at one point she actually looked me up and down. Really. With her little cat eyes, she was saying "You disgust me. Do something worthwhile with your time."

However, I ignored her and got back to my viewing of "Beauty and the Geek", completely guilt-free. You see, when she stops licking her bum and is no longer entranced by a stray piece of thread on the floor, (and when she starts using the toilet instead of her litter box), then I'll let her nasty looks get to me. Until that happens, I'll indulge in the pleasure I get from reality television.

Hmm... First I was stuffing kleenex up my sleeve, now I'm getting a little unnerved by my cat. At least I don't have conversations with her. Well... not long ones, anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Arwen, she's so wise and knowing!

    You are going down a slippery slope, kleenexes, cats, trash TV.

    Actually sounds like a trip I'd quite enjoy!!