Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm starting to feel very tired in the evenings. And I'm only 24 weeks along.

This makes me nervous for the next 16 weeks of gestation. (16 weeks! Gah!)

(Mamas who remember being 24 weeks pregnant - help me! Tell me it'll all be okay! Lie to me if you need to!)

Personally, I think it's the whole working thing. Getting up every day to get showered, dressed, commute, spend 8 busy hours at the office before commuting home, having dinner, getting lunch ready for the next day, and whatever else is going on... well - it's suddenly very tiring.

Of course, I may just need a good jog to get my energy going again. (I haven't gotten any exercise at all since Sunday. And even then - it was very little. My body is mad at my laziness of late, I suspect.)

So, I'm off tonight for a little jog/walk with my Running Room group. Hopefully that'll cure what ails me.

Or... It'll completely knock me out.

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