Monday, November 2, 2009

A swift kick in the noggin'

We think hubster got kicked in the ear last night.

Here's why.

I went to bed to read for a little bit before going to sleep while Andrew was downstairs finishing up some stuff around the house.

Somehow, Arwen the cat (who has "somebody's in bed!" radar) knew to immediately crawl on top of me at that moment and beg for love and affection. So, as she was sitting on my tummy, nudging my hand to rub the side of her face (I could no longer read, as Princess Arwen would have none of that), I felt the baby move. Like... really move.

It was the first real, true, undeniable 'kick' I've felt. I've definitely experienced lots of movement up until now. But this felt like a real little foot or leg or arm actually nudging me!

My eyes went wide as I stared at Arwen. "Did you feel that?!?!" I asked.

Arwen just stared at me and purred into my face.

So I called Andrew to come upstairs, hoping he could feel something.

"The baby moved! Like a BIG kick!" I exclaimed.

"Cool. Maybe I'll feel her this time," Andrew smiled as he rested his hand on my tummy. (Arwen had long since left, clearly annoyed by the fact that I raised my voice in her presence).

After feeling no movement for a little while, we decided Andrew should put his head on my stomach to see what he could hear in there.

And that's when it happened.

"Did you just move your jaw?" I asked.

"No. Did you just move or stretch or something?" he asked me.

"No... That wasn't me."

"Well, if it wasn't you and it wasn't me... I think I just got a little kick to the side of the head."

Then we spent the next 5 minutes grinning at each other goofily.


  1. This is classic :) And what's nice, you will have a record of all these fabulous moments and won't have to rely on your aging memory as you grow older. Your little girl will know how special she is from day one. Love this :)

  2. I am all verklempt!

    Aunt S {:~)

  3. That's amazing! It brings back lots of great memories. I am so happy for you guys!