Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feeling fine

I realized I didn't follow up on my cold status from a few blogs ago.

Things are going quite well, actually. I felt cruddy Friday, but woke up feeling so-so on Saturday. I felt okay enough to run a few errands and hang out with friends Saturday night (after a 2 hour afternoon nap, that is). Woo for naps!

Sunday I felt tired and sorta crappy. But I never really developed anything more than a stuffed up/runny nose and a headache.

Since then, I've been feeling better and better every day. So - the cold never really developed or achieved any significant status.

To which I say: Ha! Take that, cold! With your stuffy nose and your headache and your desire to make me feel much shittier than I ended up feeling. My strong immune system (even whilst pregnant) and my relatively healthy eating habits will laugh in your face! Laugh, I say! And then they'll dance a jig as you hang your head and walk shamefully away.

So. Yeah. All is good. I'm back to myself.

Hurrah! :)


  1. Glad your feeling better. That'll teach illness not to mess with you again.