Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pics and stuff

Last night I went to meet one of my midwives who I hadn't met yet (she was on mat leave - ha!) Anyway, so it was my 27-week appointment.

And now I have few exciting things to report:
  • I passed my glucose test! Woo! It all came back normal. So, I don't have Gestational Diabetes and my baby is doing fine.
  • My belly is measuring 28cm. They say it should roughly correspond with how many weeks along you are. And since I'm 27 weeks, my belly is right on target. Yay! I'm normal! And I'm not necessarily having a mammoth baby!
  • While sitting in the waiting room, Andrew and I were looking at my tummy (I told him I could feel some pressure-type movement going on in there). And suddenly - we both saw the baby make my tummy move!! It was really cool. Andrew's been feeling her move for a while... and now we're seeing it, too. Very cool.
  • I start seeing my midwives every 2 weeks now. Hurrah! I love going and talking about my baby, listening to her heartbeat and other such fun things. Now I get to do it every 2 weeks. Wow. I'm officially in the 3rd trimester, yo.
So... now it's picture time. Feast your eyes on a few snaps from my lovely baby shower on Sunday. (PS: Some of the pics are clickable for a closer look).

This is Mumsie and I before the shower began. Three generations right there. Look how young and lovely my Mom is! Good genes in our fam, I would say.

Here's one of my favourite people in the universe... my cousin Angela - all smiles.

Neither one of us were ready for this pic. But doesn't my kitchen look lovely?

Full house. Lots of ladies. Lots of little babies.

My friends Kim and Jen, with the adorable Nate.

We got some awesome presents. This is the sleep sack I plan on wrapping wee baby in so she can sleep at night and not disturb her poor, tired parents. Hear that, wee baby??

Cute wash cloths and towels. So. Adorable.

Little Nate was loving all the action. Or, he was just loving his Auntie Jen's cuddles.

The cake!! Isn't it awesome? It tasted divine, as well.

I think it's safe to say I've been spoiled so far.


  1. Glad everything is going so well for you. Great pics.

  2. Great pictures Heather. You look gorgeous. :)

  3. really nice pics! it looks like a great time.. and, the slogan on the cake was hilarious :)