Monday, November 9, 2009

25 week update

So... yeah.

Remember when I wrote about how I let comments like "you're big for how far along you are" kind of get me down a bit?


Allow me to present exhibit A:

Holy crap, I AM big!! "As big as a house" as my dear old Dad put it.

This is me at 25 weeks. Giant belly and all. Of course I'm fine with being big. I've got a baby growing in there, so I know it's all normal and natural. I'm just a little shocked because I don't really see myself this way when I look in the mirror.

Anyway. Wake up call. I will no longer gripe about how I think I'm not THAT big, because clearly? I am.

Again... I'm fine with it. I welcome it. I love being preggers. I'm not saying I don't want to be this way at all. I'm just surprised. (And I'm sure many of you can understand why I find it surprising. I mean, it's not a common occurrence to wake up larger and larger with each passing week. This is a first for me, peeps. Just getting used to it. That's all.)

So - here are a few 25-week stats for y'all:

How far along: 25 weeks, 2 days.

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good! Still have a bit of the acid reflux... but other than that, I can't complain much.

Weight gain: 19.5 lbs. Or... it was 19.5 lbs. 2 weeks ago. I'm sure that's changed, what with Halloween, Andrew's birthday (cake!) and my brother's birthday (more cake!) all occurring in the past 2 weeks.

Current food descriptor for baby: Eggplant. I'll say that again for emphasis: Eggplant. (That's big, yo!)

Movement: LOTS! Andrew felt another few kicks last night. (Finally.) Seems baby likes to show off her skills for Daddy on Sunday nights.

That's about it. My giant belly and I are off to go get our mid-morning snack on.


  1. Looks like pregnancy and future motherhood agree very well with you--you look gorgeous and very happy.

  2. You look fantastic Heather. Pregnancy definitely agrees with you.

  3. You look amazing, your baby bump is beautiful! I can just imagine a little baby girl moving around in your tummy! Hope she enjoyed her run with her mommy tonight. You are amazing, still running at 6 months pregnant!

  4. You look gorgeous and very happy.