Friday, May 9, 2008

Three things:

1. It's Friday. Hurrah! I love Fridays. Tonight I'll be having tacos with the hubby and going to see a movie. Perfection! (It doesn't take much to please me).

2. When I think too much about Sunday, I freak out a little bit. Honestly, it's overwhelming to actually think about how far and how long that half marathon race will be.

3. Thank goodness for good friends. I've had many people offer me some great advice for my first half. And my friend M. has been calling to check in and see how I am. How friggin' sweet!


  1. sounds like a pretty good night! go see ironman.. its funny and filled with violence :)

    no worries about sunday.. you've done it before and i know you can do it again.. we're all really proud of you hez!!

    i plan on cuddling with duffy tonight, although i'm still mad at him for eating 2 pairs of my underwear and socks.. :)

  2. Good luck on Sunday!!! I'm sure you'll do great!!!