Friday, May 2, 2008

Off to Capital City

I have to start this blog by saying: Can I get a 'whoaaaaa.... Friday!!'

The weekend will commence at exactly 4pm today. That's when I leave for a small girly weekend away (to Capital City... Ottawa) with friends. I've been kind of giddy all week. I think I've been in need of a little getaway for a while. Or, as Bridget Jones calls it, a "mini-break".

Nothing overly elaborate is planned... but I get quality time with good girlfriends, great conversation, a few great meals and of course, some spirits will be consumed. I don't think it could be better.

My male co-worker is convinced that there will be many pillow-fights while we're wearing only our undies and some "accidental kissing". I didn't really have the heart to tell him that that never, ever, ever happens during girls weekends (well, it doesn't happen among the women I know).

Anyway, bring on the weekend. I think it's going to be good for my soul.

I feel a whole "ya-ya sisterhood" type thing coming on.

1 comment:

  1. enjoy the weekend.. have fun with the girls.. the boys are going to get together, sit around while drinking beer and yell at the hockey playoffs.

    jealous you wont be there?