Wednesday, May 7, 2008

4 months of training. 4 days to go.

What's on my mind today... what's on my mind... hmmm...

Oh, you know... nothing much... just the HORRIBLE PAIN IN MY LEG AFTER RUNNING ONLY 3KM LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

This does not bode well for my 21KM race on Sunday.

Here's a quick synopsis of my sitch: I've been having leg pain (not horrible, gotta-stop-running pain, but leg pain) for a while. It started in my calf, then moved up to my hamstring and along my IT band. So - my calf is totally fine now. My hamstring is pretty much okay - my IT band hurts though. I've been seeing a specialist and he's helping me out... but I'm not completely better yet.

All I want to do is reach my goal of running the race on Sunday. And so far, I've been all "Oh yeah - I can do it! I totally can do it!" But now... after running 3km last night and having major issues... I'm not so sure.

Okay, so before this blog turns completely whiney, I've just gotta ask everyone reading this to send good running wishes my way on Sunday.

I'm praying to the god of IT bands and good running days.


  1. Consider this my virtual acupuncture. I'm completely impressed that you're doing a marathon at all. Will be sending you tons of good vibes.

  2. We are routing for you. It is a big accomplishment to take part in a marathan. We will be there at the finish line and hopefully you will feel our support as you run along. We are proud of you Heather.