Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the shadow of beer

So I was walking down the subway platform this morning and glanced up to check out the TV screen that displays news. I happened to look up just in time to read this:

"Man fined $710 for buckling beer case into back seat, but not child."

Wha???? Oh. My. Goodness.

Even I (a true lover of the delicious, delicious ale) cannot condone this kind of behaviour.

When this dude was buckling up his precious case of beer did he not happen to catch a glimpse of HIS CHILD in the seat next? Did the thought not even enter his head that if his beer should be buckled up to prevent breakage, perhaps his own flesh and blood could use the same consideration??

I honestly worry about the future of our world. I mean, how can this kid grow up to be normal?? This poor child is going to live his or her life feeling that he'll never be as good as his Dad's case of beer. It's not like this kid has an older sibling to live up to. No, no... he's got to live in the shadow of beer.

There were times when I was a kid that I thought my Mom and Dad loved my big brother more. I thought I couldn't compare to my bro. in their eyes. But I knew one thing for sure. I knew that if it came to a pint of Stella or me... I would be the one they chose to love and protect.

This kid's self-esteem is doomed.

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