Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yesterday I came across a funny-sounding word. It was kerfuffle. I inexplicably started giggling. And then I remembered the time I spent an afternoon looking up funny words (I was bored that day at work). I came across quite a few winners that were just inherently funny.

Words like: noodle, discombobulate, masticate, tutelage, pooched. Go ahead - say the word out loud. (It's much funnier that way). Noodle. Nooooooodle. (Hee hee)

Anyway... there was one that gave me a great belly laugh. And it was:

The state of having a mustache.

I could not stop giggling to myself. I actually called a co-worker into my office to share it with her, it was so funny to me.

Imagine my delight when the VERY NEXT DAY(!), a movie with Chris Rock came out on the big screen and some lovely film critic wrote this review in the paper I was reading:

NEW YORK, March 8, 2007
(AP) In Chris Rock's new film, he plays a mustachioed, bespectacled banker. He's often funny, but just as often serious and self-examining. It's a realistic film adapted from the 1972 French classic "Chloe in the Afternoon."

Oh, the guffaw I had. Yep... it really doesn't take much to amuse me.

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  1. I even know that word - even without looking it up in a dictionary, something about making a disturbance or getting upset. But it does sound quite funny.