Friday, January 25, 2008

As my bro says: "FRIDAAAAAAYYYY!!!"

OMG, OMG!!! It's Friday!

Woo. Wasn't sure I'd make it to today without some kind of mini-breakdown. But here I am! In a good mood. On Friday.

I think it might be due to a hormonal imbalance, but I was grumpers yesterday. Grumpy Gus. That was me. Today - it's a new day. I'm in a good mood and will be feeling even better if and when I wake up.

Oh - and here's a little "yay me" kind of thing... some creative I did with my parnter has been received fabulously by the client and by the general public apparently (results were great!) So I feel validated. I AM a good writer! haha.

Anyway - here's to Friday! Tonight I'll be raising a pint to the end of the week with some friends and co-workers while listening to a fun band play at a pub nearby. Life is good.


  1. Awaiting my invitation.... :)

    OF COURSE, you are a good writer! Congratulations!



    sounds good.. glad to hear you're in a good mood and congrats on the good input about work! yay!