Friday, January 18, 2008

Bird watching

Have you ever been caught staring at someone?

That happened to me on the subway this morning (not the best place to stare at people as there's a strong chance that the person you're staring at could be crazy. Or you could be mistaken for a crazy. Only crazies stare.)

Anyway, back to the story. The reason I was staring this morning was because I think I saw the Most Beautiful Woman Ever. And I was in awe.

Her completely flawless Asian skin was the perfect tone and colour. Her hair was luxurious, with no broken pieces or fly-aways. Her face was a lovely shape. Her makeup done just right. And of course, her style was impeccable.

She was gorgeous. And while I was trying to take it all in (to get hints and tips for myself), I got caught. She looked at me and I immediately saw an uncomfortable look cross her perfect visage.

I, of course, looked away instantly, trying to appear disinterested and play it cool. I could only do it for a moment though. I couldn't help but steal a few glances here and there. It was like my eyes were drawn to her. Like a car crash, only wrapped up in beauty and loveliness and light.

Obviously this sighting has affected me greatly. Either I'm very appreciative of beauty and the fine things in life -- or I should reconsider my interest in men.


  1. haha... don't you hate it when they catch you? i almost feel like saying., "i'm not creepy, i just think you're very stylish" :)

    p.s. all the sleep last night is making me feel better..

  2. If I recruit you to the other side, I get a toaster.