Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thank you for not smoking

When hubby works the day shift during the week, we need to share our one car. So - I often walk to the GO train so that he can take the car to work (it's much more convenient for him... aren't I nice??) Anyway, GO train-ers are quite predictable. We follow a schedule. I see the same people every morning around the same time. We don't like to stray from routine.

Lately (since I've been walking more), I've encountered an unpleasant regularly scheduled occurrence on my morning walk each day. And that would be: Smokey Lady. Smokey Lady is a fellow walker. However, unlike me - who enjoys taking in the quiet and fresh air first thing in the morning - Smokey Lady likes to haul on a ciggy while trucking along to the train.

And of course, Smokey Lady walks just fast enough that I can't bypass her on the little, narrow pathway we must walk each day. There's nowhere else for me to walk. So I must endure Smokey Lady.

I know she has every right to walk and smoke outside. But personally, I am disgusted by the fact that I have to breathe in her exhaled smoke. It's gross. And it makes me hate her - from her little gloves she wears (they must smell SO bad) to her finely wrinkled face. Smokey Lady sucks.

So, I say "boo" to smokers. Booooooooo!!!!

That's all. Me and my pink little lungs will get off the soap box now.

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  1. The worst time for me is when we're returning to the Running Room after running & we have to run past the smokers! Can't hold my breath because I am so out of breath it's sad! Hate breathing in smoke though... quite the dilemna!