Monday, April 6, 2009


Monday. Here we are again.

Another work week ahead.

Actually - I don't mean to sound so ominous. I actually had a good weekend and am feeling very fresh and lovely this morning.

Things completed over the weekend include:
  • Stuffing my face with hubster and our good friend Jay at all-you-can-eat sushi
  • Running 3.5kms and then hustling off to a 75-minute hot yoga class immediately after (Ah, sweat. How complex you are. I loathe you when I'm not dressed in workout gear... but when I'm in a hot yoga class... bring it on)
  • Going to an open house/reception thingy for the friends who got married in Mexico
  • Stuffing my face with delicious, delicious finger foods at said open house/reception thingy (And oh... the cheese. Glorious cheese. It somehow tastes much better when at a party, no?)
  • Going grocery shopping, doing laundry
  • Running 12kms whilst feeling slightly sickly (from the alcohol consumption at open house/reception thingy)
  • Watching all of "Sleepless in Seattle", most of "X-Men" and the first half of "The Big Chill"

And that's that. Not a bad weekend, all in all. How was yours?


  1. It's amazing how much one pack into two days, isn't it? Mmm, cheese. :-)

  2. My weekend was great. I had time with my husband, visited with friends for a birthday celeb, saw our grandson for a bit, generally not an incredibly hectic weekend. Also saw one of the first Batman movies which was great. But the weekend felt like it had free time--which is such a gift.