Friday, April 17, 2009

Cuteness personified

I'm leaving for the company offsite soon (curling... getting drunk... yelling "HURRY HARRRRRD!!!" as loud as we can).

So... I don't have much time for a blog entry. Instead - I'd like you to try, just TRY, not to melt at the insane cuteness that is my little nephew.

"If I smile at Auntie Hez just like this, I'll get anything, ANYTHING I want from her for the rest of my life."
This kid, he's planning for the future. So smart.

OMG, that face. Would you look at that face? This guy has successfully mastered the art of wrapping me around his little, itty-bitty finger.


  1. Love this post. He is so cute--especially when he gives us one of the melting smiles.

  2. He really is an adorable little guy! Love this picture.