Monday, April 27, 2009

How I spend my weekends

Had some people over for a little shin-dig this weekend (even though I was still getting over being sick. You just can't stop the die-hard partier in me!)

Sadly, nobody brought cake. Which is probably a good thing. Cause this kind of stuff is known to happen...

First, the cake fight is all fun and games. Ah, the look of merriment
on my face... the pure joy is almost contagious.

Admiring my cake stains. I still appear to be amused at this point.

Suddenly, I realize that I really hate to see good cake go to waste.

Saddened by the wasting of cake. But still willing to pose for
the ever-important "Truce Photo".

These are my weekends, folks.


  1. was anyone yelling at someone else in spanish during the cake fight?

  2. You were there - you're in the Truce Photo. Don't you remember?? :)

  3. Funny, the last party I was at with you I ended up with cake all over me. Hmm, I think I see a pattern.