Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The ongoing saga of the home reno

Hubby and I have a great home. We love it. The area's great. The space is perfect. The location is ideal. It's awesome.

But for some reason - we can't seem to help ourselves when it comes to changing up the insides. Once again... we're about to embark on yet another home reno.

For those of you that don't know, the "another home reno" I mention refers to the past work we've done, including: redoing the den/basement area even though it was already finished: ripping out the flooring, tearing down the walls and completely demo-ing and re-doing the entire little bathroom down there. Apparently that was not enough. Oh no!

Now - we are tackling the kitchen.

Of course, when I say "we", I mean "contractors who do this for a living" because me? I'm a writer. I can use my words - I can't use a hammer. And hubster? He's super handy, but he works 12 hour days at a non-desk job. So, even though some crazy men out there will work at their job all day and spend all their free time working on their house until they have no energy and are tired and grumpy all the time... that just ain't ideal for us. I like my hubster happy.

Anyway. Back to the kitchen.

The reason I'm excited enough to write a whole blog about all of this is because hubby and I are finally investing in our marriage. And by that, I mean... We are getting a dishwasher. (*Insert sound of heavens opening up and angels singing here*)

Yes. We've decided that if we want to stay happily married for many years to come, We. Must. Have. A. Dishwasher.

Unfortunately, even though our kitchen is a decent size, there's not much cupboard room to just put one in. So - we have to have the counter/cupboard area extended in order to fit in the dishwasher. This was all we planned on doing. Until the contractor came and told us about what he could do for us.

Now? In addition to a dishwasher extension being built, we are:
  • Getting new counter top
  • Installing a new tap for our sink
  • Having ALL NEW, CUSTOM BUILT cupboards made (All new!!!!) (Custom built!!!!)
  • Building some fancy-schmancy wine rack into the top cupboards over our fridge
  • Getting a microwave built in over the stove
  • Extending our pantry
  • Repainting

We sound like suckers. I know it. But our kitchen is going to look gorgeous, people. GORGEOUS! And... with the new home renovation tax credit we get... we'd be suckers NOT to have it done.

When it's ready, y'all can come over for a kitchen party.


  1. Good for you! Take pictures. I envy you. I would love to have my kitchen redone.

  2. Dishwashers come from Baby Jesus. Congratulations on your new arrival.


  3. Without a dishwasher, I'd have divorced dh years ago. Oh, and I want a fancy-schmancy wine rack built into the cupboards over my fridge!