Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things I've learned

Here are some fun facts:
  • Not all slush freezes over night. This I learned when I walked to work today. First, I carefully avoided one pile of "slush" and then realized that it had actually frozen over. Score! I can walk over it! So I was all "Hey next slush pile - you don't scare me! I'm going to walk right over you!" Only said slush pile was not frozen. And now I have very wet feet.
  • Puffs tissues with lotion just sound comforting. They don't actually work. When you have a constant runny nose, there ain't nothing that will stop that flaky skin from forming around your nostrils. And may I add that when you apply makeup to flaky skin area the result is absolutely lovely!
  • Bret Michaels is a sad, sad man. And I think the women who are attempting to prove they are "worthy" of his affection on the reality show "Rock of Love" are insane women-haters. This show is almost as bad as "Age of love" - another fabulous reality series that forces women to compete against each other (read: completely rip each other's self esteem to shreds) for enduring, true and lasting love. (Disclaimer: I do not actually follow this show. I watched 5 minutes of it last night and now feel that women's place in society has made a giant leap backwards. Awesome!)

That is all.


  1. Plus, it's Bret Michaels.. That guy has really hit the skids..

  2. That puff tissue thing just made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

  3. What's sadder, a has-been clinging to fame via reality television, or the women competing to win the affections of has-been? Kind of depressing really.

  4. I can't say I've really watched Rock of Love, but if you think that's bad try 5 minutes of Flavor of Love 3. I can't believe that there have already been 2 seasons and there are still women willing to participate. Flava Flav has named the twins competing for his affections Thing 1 and Thing 2. Nice.