Monday, March 31, 2008

The Incredible Hez

So my week of emotional imbalance is over. Thank goodness.

I try not to chalk things up to my "time of the month"... but last week I was all over the place and I'm not quite sure why (other than the fact that Aunt Flo was in town). I was furious at one point. Cheerful at another. Crying at other times. It was ridiculous.

Anyway - so, as I told my hubby and my Mom, I've realized that my responses to situations are almost always emotional first. I'm not very logical or rational. The first thing I feel is an extreme emotion. Hence the crying, screaming and feeling of elation.

Also, I've likened myself to the Incredible Hulk. I can feel these emotional responses coming on, but I can't stop them. Especially when I'm angry. It's quite sad, really. I mean - I can feel myself getting furious... but I can't stop myself from becoming a giant, green freak. Ah well.

At least I'm self-aware. On to the next week!

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