Monday, March 10, 2008


Sometimes I feel like Doogie Howser when I'm writing these blogs.

Anyone remember how at the end of each show he used to have something very prolific to type out on his blue computer screen? Not that I'm prolific. But when you would see Doogie's cursor pause on the screen, you knew he was "thinking". That's how I feel when I'm writing these. I'm deep in thought. What should I tell you about myself today? What should I share?

Yesterday was such a day of highs and lows - where to begin...

Well, I braved the snowy conditions and went for a 13km run. (Yes - I might just be crazy.) Our running group was scheduled to meet at 8:30am so Mom and I showed up (we were 2 of the 6 that actually came out for a run). It was supposed to be an 11km run, but it ended up being 13... through snow. Which is like running through sand. It was really tough - but we were out in the sun and the fresh air - and at the end of it, I had that overwhelming sense of accomplishment again.

Then I went to a friend's Mom's memorial service. M. and J. lost their Mom last week, 4 days before M's wife gave birth (she delivered on the morning of the memorial service). It's incredibly sad to think of friends my age losing a parent - especially at such an important time in their lives. But it was incredibly moving to see how all "the hockey boys" showed up. All of our friends pulled together and were there for M. and J. in their time of need.

After that I met my Dad for dinner and a movie. It was his birthday present from me. We shared good conversation over a bunch of appetizers at a really cute little thai restaurant and then went out for our favourite things - popcorn and movies. We're so much alike. So it was fun to be together - just the two of us.

So that was my day. And this blog post is just a snippet of me - deep in thought.

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