Monday, March 2, 2009

This is the moment

For some reason, hubster has been extra mushy lately. Snugly. Kind of emotional. Touchy. And huggy.

Not that he isn't often sweet and loving and wonderful... But most of the time, if the situation doesn't call for a hug, he doesn't really "do" snuggling. He likes his space. Especially when sleeping. (And while drifting off to sleep, if I try to cram my feet in between his legs and rest them there... HELL to pay! Hate! Loathing! Anger!)

I've joked with him, asking what he's on lately and why he's suddenly much more mush-tastic. But since he isn't a new member of the little-blue-pill-takers... there really isn't a reason. I guess I'm just lucky. Hubster's going through a snuggle-spurt.

Gag to the power of gag. (I will sit here and patiently wait for your desire to purge to subside.)

I guess it really just comes down to happiness. Hubby is happy lately. I'm happy.

When I told a friend of mine that I was 30 - and could she believe it??? - she answered "Yeah. Because 30 is fabulous. And you're fabulous! You've got your life together and that's what 30 should be." After I finished blushing and giggling, I started really thinking about how good things are for me.

Really. When I think about it - having a mushy husband, liking my job, being close to my family, having great friends and feeling like I'm a decent person - makes me pretty happy to be where I am and who I am.

That, and all the other little things, make life pretty wonderful.

I could focus on the economy and worry about money and try to avoid exposure to everything that might increase my risk of dying. Or, I could take pleasure in sipping tea on a cold morning. Treasure the fact that I can wear my pj bottoms until 5pm on the weekend. Relish the sense of accomplishment of an 11km run, after I'm done. Enjoy laughing until my sides hurt. Cherish the simple act of my husband's hand on my knee in the car.

It's all about perspective.

Find your moment. Enjoy it. Adore it. Sometimes all we've got to get us through the day is something as small as an unexpected hug.

Life can be pretty damn amazing.

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