Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Naphan

Have you ever seen a 2-day old baby with a full head of red hair?

If you haven't, I feel sorry for you. Because it has got to be THE CUTEST SIGHT in the entire universe. Hubster and I witnessed it last night while visiting our best friends at the hospital.

Kim (blond and petite) and Charlie (VERY tall and redheaded) now have another addition to their family of 3. Along with their first son, Liam (blond and petite), they welcomed little Nate (can't tell if he's tall... but definitely redheaded) into the world on Saturday morning.

Liam's a mini-Kim and Nate is a mini-Char. A-freakin'-dorable.

(Oh - and when Kim asked Liam who the little guy was, Liam answered: "Baby!" When Kim said, "Baby who?" Liam's response: "Baby Naphan!" Ummm... cute much??)

Those little boys are going to have the perfect blend of love, laughter and happiness in their lives... because their parents are caring, fun, loving people who will adore their kids, and at the same time, won't take life too seriously.

Welcome to the world, Nate. You've got one heck of a start.

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