Friday, March 13, 2009


I had two very vivid dreams last night.

One: I was chain smoking these long, thin cigarettes (bitch-sticks, if you please). Very odd since I'm not a smoker and cigarette smoke makes me REALLY sick.

Two: I was running my half marathon. But I kept going the wrong way and had to back track and run the route over and over again. AND - the most vivid part was when I was running up a very steep hill, carrying an awkwardly big duffel bag for some reason. I wasn't even carrying it across my chest - for ease of movement. Oh no. I had it on one shoulder, so it was all bulky and bumping into my leg with every step I took.

I woke up with a dry, scratchy throat and feeling extremely exhausted today.

(But that's all forgotten by now... since I'm only TWO DAYS AWAY FROM MEXICO! Try not to miss me too much, y'all!)

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