Monday, March 30, 2009

Me time

Is it just me or is the world getting busier and busier and life getting faster and faster?

The weekend went by in a blur before I had time to even begin to feel rested up. Maybe because I crammed in breakfast with friends, dinner (2 hours away) with more friends, a 16km run, a shower for my nephew, hubster's hockey game, laundry and 2 movies.

And even though I really enjoyed myself and everything I was doing, I felt a little frazzled - and found myself wishing for those precious weekend mornings spent lounging in your pjs until you're good and ready to get going.

You know those mornings... when the house is quiet, so you pad down to the kitchen in your bare feet and make a big breakfast you can lounge over slowly. You wrap yourself in a blanket on the couch and catch up on some silly TV while eating. Or you make yourself a big mug of steaming tea and curl up with a book.

And in the back of your head, you know there's laundry to do and groceries to shop for. You really should exercise, clean the bathroom, work in the yard, do those dishes... But you just don't care. Because right now is your time. You're not working or commuting or making meals or running errands. You're just revelling in your time.

Indulging. Relaxing. Recharging.

And you're a better person for it.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you had a weekend like we did; lots of fun; but no time to just let things go.