Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The club sandwiches definitely make the list

I've been to paradise, y'all.

You may have heard of it? The Mayan Riviera?

Anyway, an all-inclusive, lie-on-the-beach kind of a vacation is not usually mine or hubster's first choice of getaway. But, as you know, we were going to a resort for a destination wedding. And we were really looking forward to getting the opportunity to do something different: relax, lie around on the beach, eat and drink as much as we possibly could. You know - all the stuff we haven't really done much of on our sight-seeing, adventure vacations so far.

And people... this vacation did NOT disappoint. There was much relaxing, lying around and eating and drinking to be had. Among that, a few other highlights:

  • GORGEOUS resort. And I mean Gorgeous with a capital G. The grounds were beautiful, the staff was really friendly, our room was incredible.

  • Amazing beach. White sand and aqua waters. Need I say more?

  • The food... oh, the food. SO good! They had "dressy" restaurants that just opened for dinner. We tried out the Italian and French ones. And let me tell you this: It. Was. Incredible. (You know I wouldn't lie to you when it comes to food).

  • Snorkeling right off the beach. Saw a few stingrays among the other incredible fishies. Amazing.

  • 24 hour room service. They brought us many, many club sandwiches and Coronas at all hours of the day and evening.

  • The nightly beach-side bar hangout. Our giant group found our way there each night for a few beverages. There's nothing like hanging out, laughing and chatting over drinks as you listen to the ocean lapping the shore and feel the warm night air on your skin.

  • Being with a big group of our friends. It just made the vacation. There was always someone to hang out with, dine with, go swimming with, chat with, have a few Mexican beverages with. I met a lot of great new people and got to spend quality time with friends. Honestly could not have been better. (And - we've got a whole ton of memories and inside jokes now... which make us all giggle whenever we bring them up.)

Sigh. Such a blissful experience. Definitely one that I won't be forgetting anytime soon.


  1. Woo!! SPRING BREAK '09!!! I'll have another cerveza please, Cerveza.