Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A big glass of pity for table four, please.

On my commute home from work yesterday, I threw myself a 20-minute pity party.

I've been DARN happy lately... but yesterday afternoon, I got all good n' annoyed. A couple of co-workers really rubbed me the wrong way (they don't read this, so I have no problem venting here). And as a result, I left work in a royally bad mood. Not the greatest way to end the day.

As I was on the train, soaking in my own pity until my fingers got all wrinkly, I thought to myself: "Self: why are you focusing on this? Why are wasting your valuable time thinking about how cruddy those people made you feel? You need your energy for those hills you're about to run tonight, so git yer darn priorities straight!!"

And so I did.

Want to know what happened? I had an amazing run, I enjoyed my evening, and I even found myself singing aloud as I puttered around the house, doing my thing.

Huh. Imagine that.

It's incredible how much control we have over our own happiness.


  1. Good for you to be able to leave it behind and them behind and move towards what makes you feel good. This is a skill to keep by your side forever. Doesn't it feel good to let it all go?

  2. I so appreciate this post. This is the story of my life the last couple of weeks. Nothing too specific, just that normal ebb and flow of work stress that is plain annoying. I love how running releases energy, gives me time to put things in perspective, and of course, that great endorphin rush :) A good end to a crummy day. It is what we make it! (BTW, I'm a fellow nestie and writer! :)