Friday, March 13, 2009

If you see me wandering the aisles, please confiscate my credit card

I've already posted today. But my recent trip to a certain store warrants another blog entry. People, I have a sickness and I am fully willing to admit that.

Me and the fine, fine establishment known as Shopper's Drugmart? Yeah, we've got a love-hate relationship. I LOVE everything about the store. The well-spaced aisles. The colourful bottles and lotions. The fact that you can find EVERY SINGLE THING you need in that one place. (And usually in a cute, little package).

I love that I can go for last-minute items for my trip - and find something to soften my skin, give my hair more shine, protect my lips in the sun, save my sensitive tummy, freshen up my underarms and soothe a sunburn. I love that I now have a bag full of products in bright blues and oranges and pastel greens and pinks. (I know. I'm weird. I totally get that.)

But the "hate" part of the relationship? The fact that I walked out of there having spent $130 on said products.

Oh yes. I have a sickness alright.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shoppers Drug Mart... and those of you know me, know I don't like shopping - but Shoppers - LOVE it there!

  2. I have similar sickness, but mine is Staples. I can not leave that store empty handed. Friggin' office supplies! Isn't that weird?

  3. We have missed your posts while you have been enjoying, enjoying, enjoying. Blog away when you get back.