Friday, January 2, 2009


Phew. What a year. What a holiday season.

I had one of the best Christmases I've ever had in my adult life (you just can't compare to the joy of Christmas being a kid... EVERYTHING is cool and exciting and fun and amazing about the holidays when you're an ankle biter).

Anyway, so I had an amazing season. Had so much fun with my extended family at our annual potluck Christmas party. Enjoyed a delicious meal and great company at the in-law's house on Christmas Eve. And had the BEST Christmas Day ever with my family... opening presents, playing games, eating, laughing, crying a little (happy tears!) It was perfect.

And now... it's a new year. An exciting year ahead, too. I've got 5 weddings to go to. I'm going to be a first-time Auntie in a matter of weeks. I'm heading to Mexico to watch good friends get married (and to enjoy a margartia or two in the sun, Momma Sita). It's all new and exciting. 

And things just keep getting better and better. 

Welcome, 2009. I'm so ready for you.

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