Monday, January 5, 2009

New year, new me...

... is what I would title this blog entry if I wanted to be super-cliché-lady. Either way... I've jumped on the ol' bandwagon that everyone else does around this time of year.

And that would be the diet bandwagon.

I even went so far as to join Weight Watchers online in hopes of dropping my fair share of holiday weight gain. (And then some).

So, it begins. Obsessive counting of points (sorry - Points™). Endless thoughts about food. My clean break from my dear, dear love affair with the pale ale. And so on.

I'm so not going to post my weight in lbs. or even give you daily updates. Because - yeah. You just don't need to know the dirty details. But I will discuss it now and again, as it will definitely be on my mind for a while.

And if you care to join me in a quest for the perfect (who am I kidding?) adequate bathing suit bod, then hop right on the ol' bandwagon with me! There's plenty of room.

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