Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting my suitcase out now

Hubby and I are considering taking a trip to Australia in the fall. One of the 32 High Street boys is getting married there - so it's the perfect excuse to take that trip I've always wanted to take.

We're heading off to Mexico in March this year as well... but if we can save up the money, why not take the opportunity to travel all over the place? There's a big, beautiful world out there. And, other than a mortgage, hubby and I have nothing holding us back or tying us down. (Even with a mortgage - there's no reason NOT to travel in shorter chunks of time).

So far, I've been lucky enough to walk the grassy cliffs and share a pint with locals in Ireland. Sample the wine and pizza and gelato in Rome. And hike through the most beautiful scenery in Cinque Terra, Italy. I've snorkeled with sea lions and penguins in the Galapagos Islands. And I've seen toucans on the outskirts of the Amazon in Ecuador.

And that's just outside of North America. Although, when you think about the size of the world, I really haven't been to THAT many places. There's so much more just waiting for me.

I think the island of Tasmania, the unspoilt beaches and the amazing wildlife in Australia are calling to me.

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  1. I hope you realize all your dreams-travelling is amazing. Go for it!