Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top o' the morning to me

Went to the dentist this morning. So I didn't have time to blog.

But now... I have a moment AND a fabulously thrilling "my trip to the dentist" blog to regale you with.

For all of you who didn't immediately close this window upon reading that last sentence... don't worry! I'm not really going to talk about Hez going to the dentist. Just thought I'd try to make my morning sound more interesting than it really was.

I woke up today feeling pretty groggy and kind of grumpy. I was tired and feeling weak (before breakfast) and so not in the mood for anything. And then I thought about my sister-in-law who now has a wee one to care for 24/7.

What happens on the mornings when she wakes up feeling like I did today? She can never just "call in sick" on her baby. (I'm pretty sure that won't fly with the little man). She can't be rude and grumpy with her child (well, technically she could... but she wouldn't). She can't feel sorry for herself and crawl under the blankets and ignore the world.

Then again, parents tell me that just seeing their little mini-me make it all worth it. I obviously don't get that (not being a parent myself).

I think I'll stick with feeling sorry for myself.


  1. Hahaha! I remember the first time Chris woke me up at 2:30 a.m. and I thought, you have to be kidding me! And sadly, no, he wasn't kidding me that morning or many other mornings after that!

  2. I remember the first time Lee Ann woke me up too - and I didn't really mind because I knew that was supposed to happen. But when she cried again 3 hours later - well then I wasn't a happy camper. Somehow though - we managed to make it through those early hours.