Monday, January 26, 2009

Television DOES control our minds. I'm proof.

You know what Hez did this weekend?

Nothing. And it was awesome.

So maybe some wouldn't consider it nothing, as I did manage to go to yoga, get the grocery shopping done and meet up with my running group for a 6k run. But other than that, I spent copious amounts of time in my pjs, lounging on the couch with many cups of tea. Didn't see any friends. Didn't visit family. Didn't shop. Didn't wine or dine. (All good things, seeing as I didn't even GET DRESSED).

Best part is - I actually took a nap yesterday. At 4:30 in the afternoon. (How could I have ever forgotten the true bliss of the Afternoon Nap??) I shall never forget its simple beauty again.

Anyway. Point is - I feel very rejuvenated today. A good thing, as today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. (Side bar: Who decides this? Who has the authority to say that some random Monday is going to be the MOST DEPRESSING DAY OF THE YEAR for absolutely everybody? You don't speak for me, Random Decision Dude. I find Tuesdays more depressing. Besides - had good, relaxing weekend. Am fresh. Am lovely. Am feeling like Monday morning goddess!)

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that part of the reason for my good mood is because of my obsession with Josh Groban. Yes. This is the part of the post where I tell you that I was influenced by Lisa Simpson last night.

While watching the Simpsons, Lisa and her little friend shared an obsession with Josh Groban. Which reminded me of my Groban obsession and also my lack of new Groban material on my iPod. So I quickly went to iTunes, downloaded the Awake album, and listened to it last night and this morning on my walk to the GO train.

Groban makes me happy, okay? He's got the voice of an angel. Shut up.

Anywho. That's it for Monday morning. Hope you're doing as well as I am, Internet. And if not - you may want to check out a little "You are loved (Don't give up)" by Josh. He'll bring you back from the brink of utter depression with the chorus. I'm telling you. The heavens will open up.

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  1. I used to love weekends where I could spend the entire day in my jammies. I remember one rainy Sunday curled up on the couch and reading a book cover to cover. Wow, it's been a long time since I've done that. Josh Groban. Snort.