Thursday, November 13, 2008

Work and tea and books and more tea

I had the opportunity to work from home yesterday. Usually, I do the old finger quotation mark gesture to emphasize the "working from home" part of that sentence. Meaning, I say that I'll work from home, but then I actually end up doing other stuff instead.

Yesterday, I actually had to work. Damn work. Getting in the way of my "from home" time.

Anyway, it wasn't too bad. Because I actually got a taste of what it would be like to freelance and work from home for a living. And I've got to say... me like.

I set myself up at our dining room table, with a mug of tea and my slippers warming up my tootsies. I had my trusty mac laptop in front of me, all connected and junk (thanks to our wireless internet). And I worked away. And then, when I needed it, I took a break and chatted with hubster (who works shifts and was off yesterday).

After I had completed everything I needed to do, I decided to give myself a bit of a late-in-the-day lunch break and headed off to Chapters with hubby. We drank our mochas and teas (in the festive Starbucks cups, I must add) while snuggling in to comfy chairs and chatting about everything from becoming an uncle and aunt soon to what we want for Christmas. Then, we browsed the books. Slowly and leisurely.

Can you ask for more in a day? I don't think you could.

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  1. It's called freedom! I love it. I also know how much I get done because there are no interruptions. Sounds like you had a super day!