Thursday, November 27, 2008

The one where I blog about everything and anything, much to my friend Jay's chagrin

So. As promised. Here I am... about to let you all in on my life. A day in the life of me. Everything I do and think about and say. Exciting stuff, huh?

Don't stop reading yet. You never know - you might just find me fascinating. (Please?)

Anyway. The week so far has actually been kinda interesting for me - and not only because I was compared to a piece of bacon. (I'll get to that later).

Bit of a back story: last week I didn't work out at all, and as a result, I felt cranky, tired and I didn't sleep well. So, this week, I vowed to head to the gym as much as possible. Now you're up to date.

Okay. So. I headed off to the gym Monday morning to attend a class called "BodyPump". I don't know if you've ever tried this... but basically, it's working out in a group, doing a LOT of reps of weights with a barbell. Not too bad sounding, eh? Yeah... well my muscles? Were shaking like a little kid after seeing a scary movie. (Hoo, boy were they shaking!) And only half way through the class, too.

As I walked out of the gym, kind of zombie-like due to immediate stiffness, I knew that it was going to be a long week for me and my poor, underused muscles.

On to Tuesday. Monday's adventures didn't discourage me, so after the work day, I decided to test out a spinning class. Was feeling good. Speeding in spot, pedalling as if my life depended on it. Thinking "Look at me! Am spin goddess!" And, I'm pretty sure the instructor thought I was pretty spin goddess-esque too, cause I caught him looking my way once or twice... if ya know what I mean??? (Hint, hint... nudge, nudge...)

Of course, then I looked in the mirror and saw a giant band of boob sweat stained onto my t-shirt and I was pretty sure he wasn't looking my way in admiration.

Wednesday. I've got my running clinic on Wednesday nights, so off I went, all bundled up, to run in the cold/rain/wet snow. We were taught the "proper" way to warm up before a run. (Read: walk around, jump, and run in place like morons). So, as I was doing my dynamic warm-up, I felt like a royal asshole.

At least I got to spend some time with Mumsie. Which brings me to the bacon story.

This past weekend, I brilliantly managed to spill boiling water on my leg, leaving behind a huge-ass, painful thigh-burn. (No wonder my friends think I need sippy cups!!) And 4 days later, it was STILL incredibly red and big and oddly-shaped. I was actually strangely proud of my war wound.

And since my Mom stopped by my place after our run, (as did my brother), I thought I would ask them if they wanted to see it. Sort of like a car accident that you just can't turn your eyes away from. (Of course they said yes. Curiosity got the best of them).

Upon first glance, my Mom's face contorted into an image of revulsion as she exclaimed "Oh! Oh! Gross!!" And my brother's reaction?

"It looks like bacon."

That has been my week so far. Aren't you glad you stayed until the end?


  1. I know what you mean about Body Pump Heather I do it twice a week.It gets easier the more you do it, but the first time I did it my legs were shaking so much I could hardly walk down the stairs. And of course I couldn't let any one know as they wer a lot younger than me ( 20' - 30's

  2. It really does look like bacon

    It really does look like bacon!