Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Food. Again. (Seems I'm always talking about food).

Last week at my Wednesday night running clinic, a nutritionist came to talk to us. She gave some really good advice, including: everyone should keep a food journal.

Now, I've long despised the idea of keeping a food journal because I thought it would lead to an obsessive, calorie-counting lifestyle. A lifestyle I just can't deal with because, for me, it eventually leads to low self-esteem, bad body image and slight depression. Just ain't worth it. "Besides," I thought, "I already know how to eat well. And, I eat my meals at 2-3 hour intervals throughout the day."

So, I'm not quite sure why I actually decided to keep a food journal this time around. But I did. And the result? Is pretty interesting.

I pride myself on eating well. But, I'm learning that I'm not getting enough veggies in my diet (at all!), I'm consuming more sugar than I thought, and that dreaded alcohol? Yeah, it's being consumed at least 3-4 days a week by me. Not so great.

Turns out that this journal is good for me. I'm not obsessive... just keeping track and watching patterns. And, it's funny, but the whole "writing it down" thing makes me more accountable. There's a certain amount of shame I feel as I scribble down "chicken wings, fries and gravy and 2 bottles of beer" for dinner on Friday night.

And since I'm not down with self-inflicted shame spirals - here's to a healthier me.


  1. shame spiral! woo!

    but, it does put things in perspective, doesn't it? how does homemade lasagna rank on the bad-for-you scale? haha!

  2. I am not enjoying keeping my food journal, apparently I'm a borderline (and an addiction counsellor might challenge me on "borderline") alcoholic. I really enjoy my wine at dinner!

  3. Ain't nuthin' wrong with imbibing some fine wine now and again (or every day). Don't you worry about that. ;)

    And Chris - homemade lasagna isn't bad for you! Besides, it's all about moderation. Moderation is key. Mmm... moderation...