Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog like you mean it

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately (see yesterday's post to explain why). And whilst reading said blogs, I've noticed quite a trend. Professional bloggers? Yeah, they're seriously long winded.

Now, being an avid reader and a writer and all, I really enjoy reading these novellas-that-pass-for-blogs these days. Which got me to thinking: perhaps I should start blogging more "professionally". Perhaps I should join the ranks of these "serious" bloggers and follow their lead. Perhaps one day I'll be discovered by a fellow blog reader who happens to think I'm brilliant and wants to publish me!

I digress.

Anyway, here are a few key things I've noted about "real" blogs:
  1. They're quite long.
  2. No detail is spared.
  3. The blogger's entire life story is revealed.
  4. They're funny, well-written and engaging.

I'm pretty sure I can follow through on numbers 1 through 3. Number 4 might be a bit tougher to deliver (personally, I think I'm hilarious, but I've been known to get caught up in that horribly awkward story-telling situation, where you preface your story with "this is REALLY funny", then start telling it only to realize that it's not going to get the laughs (or even the smiles) you were hoping for, but you're too far into the story to stop telling it, so you just continue on, praying that someone will giggle or something, and when you finally get to the end, you can tell that everyone's still waiting for the punch line and you're kind of embarrassed so you just finish it off with "you sorta had to be there".)

Yeah. Number 4 might be tough.

Anyway, so for my next blog installment, I'm going to reveal more details of my life - right down to the minute details of what I did the day before, the conversations I had, even what I ate for dinner.

Hold on to your hats everyone, this is going to be one exciting-ass ride.

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  1. sweet! can't wait to read it hez.. sounds awesome.. :)

    plus, you'll have no trouble with #4