Friday, April 4, 2008

To do

I love doing stuff.

You know - like, getting out there and doing new things. Anything, really. Stuff.

I think it's because the weather is supposedly getting nicer and spring is on the horizon. Not that the stuff I want to do is necessarily outdoors stuff... I think it's more about just being busy. No longer feeling blah. All that good stuff.

For example, I've got my Half Marathon race in 5 weeks. (Woo!) After that, I'm running a 10k with my Mom and my cousins in Ottawa. I've just purchased a plane ticket to head back to Ottawa in late May to party it up with some girlfriends for a weekend. And I've also just purchased a monthly subscription that allows me to see rare documentaries on the big screen.

So yeah - I've got stuff coming up. And I'm pretty excited! Bring it on.

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