Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sprint, fat boy, sprint!

I'm back!

It's only been 1 day since I wrote in my blog... but I've had several "no blog today??" comments (which made me feel all warm and fuzzy... thank you, you lovely humans). So here it is. Another blog entry for your reading enjoyment.

Last night I went with my running group to a local high school to run the track. Now - when I read that sentence back, I realize that it doesn't sound like fun. But let me tell you, friend - it was F-U-N!!!

We were doing drills, sprinting, running the entire track, you name it. And then, we finished off with a relay race. We were in 4 groups and each person ran about a quarter of the track as fast as they could to the next runner waiting their turn to run.

So of course (being slightly competitive and stuck in a group of notoriously fast runners) I decided that I must sprint like I have never sprinted before.

And so I did.

I sprinted as if I were running away from a rabies-infested pack of dogs. (Or running TO a giant mound of cookies, Dairy Queen Blizzards and chocolate). I ran like the bloody wind! I could feel the wind on my face as I pushed myself as hard as I possibly could.

Afterwards, when I was standing there waiting for the next turn to run (I initially thought I only had to do it once... oopsie!) I felt my legs actually shaking. My muscles were shaking! But it was incredible.

So today, I'm quite sore. But in a good way. And now, I've discovered something else to love about running. Seeing how fast your body can actually take you when you push it.

Just call me "Sprinty" from now on.


  1. hey sprinty.. the real question is, did you trounce mom?

  2. Mom wasn't in my little group. But if she was, I would have trounced her. Oh, how I would have trounced her.

  3. trounced her like a troucing trouncer has never been trounced? i hear you.. that lady is getting too big for her britches! lol!

  4. My legs are so sore from pretending I'm way younger than I am... pity me!