Friday, February 29, 2008

Jonsin' for jeans

The hunt for the perfect pair of jeans continues.

Today I'm sporting my new GAP jeans. Boot cut. They feel pretty good - but I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the GAP jeans. Sometimes they fit me perfectly and make my arse look fab. Other times, they look great throughout the day and then get the dreaded "saggy bum" phenomenon come evening. Not a good look.

I have to admit - I'm not 100% in love with them yet. They're just not living up to the last pair of perfect jeans I had (American Eagle - but they don't make my kind anymore. Of course.) Those perfect jeans have a huge rip in the inner thigh and I deemed it no longer "appropriate" to wear them to work anymore. (Bah - "The Man" is bringin' me down again. Since when is showing a little inner thigh skin at the office inappropriate??)

Anyway... so the saga continues. For anyone with a perfect jean experience, please feel free to pass it on to me. I'm gettin' desperate.


  1. Over the Rainbow in Yorkville. ABSOLUTELY best jeans buying experience ever. Be prepared to spend a wad -- about $200 -- but walk away with the best fitting jeans you'll ever own. They even hem them for you. You will get a sales assistant assigned to you who will bring you as many jeans as you want to try on. They won't let you leave until you're delirious about the pair you've selected.

  2. You should try Savannah Rowe in Streetsville. All my fav jeans come from there. Cheryl will vouch for them also. ;-)

    And, um, I tagged you again. Check out me blog for the details