Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The 'rents. Gotta love 'em.

Today is my Dad's birthday. My Mom took the day off so they could spend it together. Later on tonight, my brother and I will join my parents at a restaurant to celebrate my Dad. And I know when we get there, my parents will be beaming excitedly, merely because my brother and I are there. In their company.

Now, I know I often sound sentimental and sappy in these blogs when it comes to my family. But really - how could I not?

My Mom and Dad have been married for 30-something years and they still love doing things like taking the day off on each others' birthday to spend it together. They get genuinely happy and excited when my brother and I spend time with them. My mom sends me notes and tells me over and over again how beautiful and smart and wonderful I am.

Really now. How could I not be a happy, healthy, completely 100% sentimental nut?? I have an incredible family.

So, today I'd like to say to the first ever most important man that came into my life... Happy birthday Dad! (And see you tonight, Mumsie!)


  1. Aren't you so lucky to have parents who set an example of what it can be like to be married and still enjoy one another. In fact, I think your parents are lucky too to have two great kids, and a super son-in-law. But I am very biased - can beat the truth. Hope you enjoy your meal with the parents.

  2. That is one well written blog Hez! We do love you guys, no doubt about that. But you and Chris (and Andrew!) are so much fun to be around, you're smart, well read, articulate - our times together feel too short to me!

    See you tonight :)