Monday, February 4, 2008

Birthday week

I no longer have a birthDAY... it's turned into a birthweek. That's right - I love my birthday so much, that I pretty much celebrate it all week long.

This year's festivities started this past Saturday night: Feb. 2nd (or, exactly 5 days before my actual DOB). A few friends got together, one thing led to another and 3 tequila shots later, I was feeling no pain. (Until the next day, of course. I cursed the demon rum all day Sunday.)

The next celebration is scheduled for Wednesday, February 6th - where I will be toasting both myself and Waitangi Day (New Zealand's Canada Day). Again, there will be friends and booze involved... only NO tequila this time.

Then there's my actual birthday - Feb. 7th. I've penciled in some family time, yummy dinner out and cake and ice cream. (Also will be treated to sushi lunch that day by some co-workers. Yum!!)

Now, you may think that once my birthday is over, that would be it. But wait - there's more!! On the weekend of Feb. 8th - 10th, I'll be going to a co-worker's cottage with a bunch of co-workers and their spouses for a weekend-long celebration in honour of me and another spouse (who's falls the day before mine). Looking forward to this weekend VERY much.

And that should be it. Do I know how to celebrate me or what??


  1. You do know how to celebrate you!

  2. We think you are definitely worth celebrating - for a week or more at least. I love, love birthdays myself and the good feeling that keeps on going is so much fun. Looking forward to our dinner together on the 7th.