Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's in a name?

When I first showed my husband my blog title, he kind of laughed. When he saw the link ( I'm pretty sure he thought I was writing some kind of feminist manifesto. He asked me about the name, genuinely interested (my hubby is a great man). And so I told him.

I'm reading "The Stone Diaries" right now by Carol Shields. And in the book (set in the early-to-mid 1900s), one of the characters is a member of the "Ladies Rhythm and Movement Club". Basically, it's a group for women to get together without their husbands and children to talk, laugh, get a little exercise and enjoy each other's company. It's like the 1900s version of "girls' night out!"

I liked the name of the club. And I also love picking up little quotes, names and phrases from books or films and using them somehow in my daily life. (I think I get this from my Dad who used to refer to my brother as Duddy Kravitz).

And I also loved the thought of the Ladies Rhythm and Movement Club because I think women need women in their lives. As understanding and wonderful as your male friends, husbands, brothers or boyfriends are, they'll never truly get it the way a community of women will.

Sure - a girlfriend might bring up a fight we had 5 years ago to remind me of my wrong-doing in the past - but that girlfriend will also listen to me vent without trying to solve it.

After years of struggling to find good girlfriends and make someone my BFF - I'm happy to say I've accumulated a wide group of wonderful women in my life. My friends, my Mom, my aunts, my cousins.

I think I'll go call one of them now.

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