Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today, my blog is devoted to my pookie.

Poor Andrew is home sick with an achy body and an upset stomach. I've been nagging him off and on to go to the doctor. I've insisted he try some soup and drink lots of water. (I'm taking care of your son, Kathy... don't worry!) But he's still not feeling well.

So, hopefully this little anecdote will lift his spirits.

Yesterday, on Facebook, I changed my status update to: "Hez has a nice hubby." This was prompted by Andrew's very kindly offer to go into work a little bit late so that he could drive his pregnant wife to the GO train, thus allowing me to avoid trudging through the rain. So sweet.

My status update received a few comments from friends and family... the best one, hands down, from Andrew's aunt Bev.

Bev had this to say:

'A quick story about Andrew: A couple of years ago at Dan's 50th (you weren't able to be there) my friends and I were all complaining about our "muffin tops". Andrew walked past the group, stopped, and said " But ladies, that's the best part of the muffin!". They still ask about him to this day!'

I knew there was a reason I married that boy.


  1. That was pretty darn clever of schmoopie! I hope he is feeling better today, sounds like you are taking good care of him :)

  2. No wonder you love him. Hope he feels better.

  3. I hope he is feeling better. I had not heard the story about the muffin, very good. I am sure you are taking good care of your sweetie.