Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Monday Morning

Good morning everyone. And how are you on this rainy Monday morning?

In lieu of writing anything involving (as it's Monday and I'm still in my start-of-the-week-fog), here are a few fun facts about me:
  • I still have an eye twitch. It has been present (off and on) since well before Christmas. Considering that it's now January 25th, and my eye is still twitching, I'm about to snap.
  • I only have two more Mondays left at work. TWO!! Holy crap.
  • The family birthdays are well under way. Between January and February, and between Andrew's family and mine, we have 7 birthdays to celebrate. That's a lot of celebrating. Kind of exhausting, really.
  • Umm... what else?
  • Not much else to report.
  • So I'm going to sign off now.
  • Bye!

1 comment:

  1. I wonder what is causing the eye twitch? Very odd. and now it's less than 2 weeks and you will be on mat leave and more importantly of course, I will be that much closer to being a grandma!