Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Full weekend

Well, here it is. Tuesday morning. (But it feels like Monday to me because I was working from home yesterday. Ahhh... sweet, sweet working from home days.)

Andrew and I had a very full, busy weekend. We attended our weekend-long prenatal classes. Or, as I like to call them, "Everything You Should Know About Labour and Having a Wee Baby. Including, Learning What the Term 'Bloody Show' Means."

Yes sir, they were informative!

Actually - the class was really good. It was given by a Doula - and she spent most of the time focusing on how positive an experience labour can be. At first I was somewhat doubtful (pushing a watermelon out a hole the size of a pea??? Positive???) But then I totally bought into her outlook.

If you think you're going to have a positive, good experience, then - you most likely will. If you focus on how scary and long and awful and painful it's going to be... well - guess what? That's what you'll get.

So, I'm feeling more and more ready for the arrival of our wee one. And I'm absolutely ready to focus on making this a positive, amazing, happy experience from start to finish.

I'm sort of feeling overcome with joy right around now.

We're closer than ever to the home-stretch and meeting our baby. Andrew's family is doing great and all very excited to meet her. (His Dad is fantastic lately and it just warms my heart and makes my eyes mist over whenever I think about how great he's doing).

My Dad's turning 65 right around the same time as his first granddaughter is expected to arrive. My Mom has a busy, demanding job - but has let everyone (including me) know that she is absolutely there for me in a moment's notice the second I say "Mommy... help?"

I've got great friends who are wishing me well and saying incredibly nice things to me. Life is pretty darn fantastic, I'd say.

I'm starting to wonder why it is that people don't get pregnant all the time??

This rocks.


  1. We are both so happy for your and Andrew. Life is great!! Mother and Father-in laws

  2. You really are having a great pregnancy - I'm very proud of you! And you are on the home stretch to meeting your little girl!