Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you have a Doris?

Andrew's 90 year-old grandfather got remarried about 7 years ago.

His wife? Is a fabulous woman named Doris.

Every time I see her at family functions, I think to myself "My goodness, Doris rocks." She is - quite simply - one of my all-time favourite people.

Here's why.

Doris is a jet-setter. She's often off travelling with Grampy to California or Arizona. She loves New York City and always comes home with great new bags and shoes to show off. She goes for weekends away with her girlfriends.

Doris plays bridge about 3 times a week. She golfs. She skates weekly. She loves to socialize.

Doris retired when she was about 74 years-old. (And I think that's mostly because Grampy was retired). Otherwise, she would have kept on working and doing a fantastic job at it, too.

Doris loves movies and loves to talk about them with me whenever we see each other. And she won't see a movie unless she has a bag of popcorn to go with it. Otherwise, it's just not worth it.

Doris just "gets" it. And me. She gets my jokes. She loves to laugh. She's light-hearted and funny. She can poke fun at herself and at Grampy and it's all done out of love. She's a breath of fresh air.

Doris is younger than most 60-something people out there. And she keeps Grampy young at heart, too.

After being around Doris for an afternoon or an evening, I always, always come away happy. She never fails to bring laughter and levity with her wherever she goes.

I simply adore her. How could you not?

When I think about growing up, living a long life, and enjoying every minute of it - I think of Doris. I hope that one day,(in about 40-something years from now) I can say that I'm as cool as Doris is.

I wish for a Doris in everyone's life.

And if you can't have one of her in your life... at least you can live like her.


  1. i bet doris will get a little misty-eyed at this post!

  2. She certainly sounds like an amazing woman.

  3. Doris is SO cool. To know her is to love her.

  4. Doris married my Dad and we all think she is the best thing. Her next big deal is planning my Dad's 90th birthday party on Valentine's Day. Our family is so lucky to have Doris in it.

  5. I agree, Doris is the best! I've only met her a couple of times, but she leaves a lasting positive impression!

    Aunt S.

  6. This is a lovely post, Hez. It's always so nice to hear about people who really know how to live.