Monday, June 8, 2009

Woe is me, with a capital Woe


Did I have a crap week, last week.

It started on Monday with fever and chills and body aches. Ugh, how I hate that feeling when your head/hair/skin hurts. Anytime Andrew tried to touch my head, or run his hands through my hair, I would cringe because my skin was so achey to the touch.

Despite feeling like death, I went to the doctor to get my ankle looked at. Cankle needs much rest. Possibly physio. So - no working out for me for at least another 2-3 weeks, I'm guessing. My body needs rest. Which, no! I hate not being able to do any physical exercise whatsoever for weeks at a time. So hard.

Anyway. I called in sick on Tuesday too, as I wasn't any better yet. But the thought of being off work for two days in a row was making me feel guilty and apprehensive. So I showered off the sick for Wednesday and made my way into work.

I actually managed to make it in on Thursday, too. But at around 3ish on Thursday afternoon, my right ear just completely clogged up. And, I was going to try to just ignore it, but whenever I moved my head, my ear hurt. (I figured that wasn't a great sign).

So, I did what most people would do when feeling sick and sad and hurt. I called my Daddy.

He told me to go to a clinic right away because it sounded like an ear infection and I could NOT fly like that (I was supposed to be flying out to Ottawa the next night at 7pm for a weekend with my favourite girlies). So I went to a clinic.

And it was an ear infection. And I could NOT fly like that. (The doc told me I could rupture an eardrum and lose my hearing. Ummm... great.)

So no girls weekend for me. Which - maybe was okay, because my body was obviously shutting down on me, part-by-part and I was a little too slow on the uptake to notice the signs and just give myself a rest, already!

So I stayed home Friday, too. And spent the day in bed, on the couch, and then - with my arms wrapped around Andrew, trying to be strong for him. (Not the time to go into that right now, though.)

Overall, I'm feeling a bit drained. And kinda exhausted. But I'm on the mend.

Ready to embrace the new week.

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