Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Art, art, bo-bart...

Last night I went to an advertising industry event called: "Art from the Unexpected".

The premise was this: leading CEOs, suits and other very important business folk (in other words, NON-creatives) in the advertising and marketing industry were asked to create a piece of art based around a certain concept.

They then had exactly one minute to present their art to the crowd, explaining the inspiration behind what they created. After that, all pieces of art were up for bid in a silent auction with all the proceeds going to Sketch. (An organization that helps homeless or at-risk youth by providing them with opportunities to create art).

Everyone started with the caveat: "I'm SO not a creative, but -" The truth was, they did some really cool shit.

Of course, when it came time to the silent auction, I can't help but feel that politics came into play. You know... so-and-so really wanted to make a business connection with that one guy, so he bid $600 on his art, even though he didn't really understand it. Or - this guy has a big name in the industry and so-and-so wants to network with him, so he bid on his art, whether it was good or not.


The point is - some cool art was created, LOTS of money was raised for a good cause. And I got to hang out at the Steam Whistle Brewery and nibble on some delicious foods while enjoying myself at a creative event. Not a bad evening, I'd say.

Oh - and, being who I am (very resistant to the whole schmoozing/name dropping crap that comes along with advertising), I didn't even attempt to hand out a single business card or chat up some person I didn't know.

I will go far in this biz, I tell you.


  1. and, don't forget you got to drink delicious steamwhistle! i'm like you hez! i hate schmoozing for the sake of schmoozing.. lame!

  2. You need to sushi with me. It's the law.